Tuesday, 13 October 2015

As a child, we learn that we are special. Our parents cheer us on when we learn to eat, learn to talk, learn to walk. What we do as a child is regarded as special and each moment is documented and celebrated.

As we get older, we tend to feel the pressures of society weighing heavy on us. Even in high school, we can see the pressure mounting. What college or university we choose to attend is heavily scrutinized but people within our social circle and beyond.

When we graduate high school, society dictates that we should automatically attend college or university right away. We should move out of our parents’ home. We should have a job at the same time that we attend college.

Once we finish university, we are “supposed to” go and get a career job. The next steps in life are all set out for us. Sometimes the order of the following events is slightly reversed but, they are all to be completed. We are to purchase a home, we are to get married, we are to travel and see the sights of the world, we are to settle into our career and we are to have a family.


Why is this the “proper way” that we are to live our lives?

Why do we feel the societal pressures to achieve all of these societal goals?

What happens when you do not achieve them all? Are you suddenly placed on the “failure” platform and destined to lose at life?

I believe that we need to create goals independently for ourselves. Why are we attempting to appease everyone else by creating our cookie cutter life? Are we actually more interested in creating happiness for everyone but the person who matters the most – ourselves?

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