Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The world we live in...

What is happening in our world?

What happened to love and honesty and hope? I know, all of those words are huge and have a massive meaning behind them.

Let's be honest, if we all loved a little more, were a little more honest with people in our lives and had a lot more hope for our lives then we could live a much more peaceful existence.

I am not one to follow the politics of the world but, when I have turned on the news and seen some of the comments from potential future leaders in other countries, such as the USA - it frightens me. It frightens me big time. Are we seriously living in a world that is at the point of potentially electing someone into office who has such a hatred towards certain types of people? Are we at the point of going back in history and re-living Rosa Parks story but, in a different form.

How did we end up here? How did we end up in a world of hate? Those of us who have children are attempting to teach them love, honesty and give them the hope they need for the future. One day though, they are going to be set loose into this world full of anger, frustration and sadness.